Artwork Specifications

In order to ensure a high quality product, we ask that you adhere to a few guidelines when setting up your artwork for print.


Unless a Custom Color is being used (i.e. Pantone, spot color, UV, die-line, foil…) all artwork should be submitted in CMYK only. All-black items must be black only (not registration or 4-color black). Avoid using RGB, LAB or Index color schemes.


For digital printing or lithography, all artwork must be 250dpi or higher.

For Wide Format products, all artwork must be 150dpi or higher.

Margin & Bleed

All pages should be set to the actual dimensions of the printed piece. All content should be at least 0.25" in from the trim edge, and any photo or background that is intended to go to the edge of the page must bleed at least 0.125" out past the trim edge.

File Types

We use a standard PDF workflow. All files submitted should be press-ready PDFs (PDF files which adhere to the specifications on this page). Output to single pages, not spreads.

When submitting "Native" files, such as InDesign or QuarkXPress documents, be sure to supply links for all images and all fonts used in the documents.

To verify that your files are high quality and press-ready, see our instructions on preflight and PDF output (below).