The Bold Benefit of Color

Color isn’t just for special occasions when you want to impress or add a little emphasis. Color makes an enormous impact in everyday use – from marketing and advertising materials to dazzling your boss with engaging presentations and getting that proposal approved. Here’s why you should use it more liberally in your everyday communications.

Capturing the imagination

Research proves the power of color in capturing the attention of an audience. Upon immediate exposure to materials that represent you or your brand, viewers may accept or reject based on the presence of color. In fact, color makes an impression that is 39% more memorable, sells 80% more and improves brand recognition by up to a whopping 80%*.

How to make a splash

Now that you know color is both engaging and affordable, you can focus on how to use it wisely. Implement the use of a style guide that establishes rules for what colors to apply to your materials, and understand the impact certain colors have on the psychology of your audience. Use color strategically, not just on a whim; highlight calls-to-action and response buttons, key information and phone numbers – all are proven to up a business’s response rate.

*Sources: Loyola College, Maryland, USA; Case & Company Management Consultants; Bureau of Advertising,Color in Newspaper Advertising; Maritz Motivation, Inc. Southern Illinois