File Transfers

Crown Connect's FTP Site is browser based file transfer software solution. Through the browser, you can upload & download your files. This is a broadband service encrypted to allow safe and secure file transfers.

This service is located at It can be set up with a private and secure login with limited access. Give us a call or inquire with your sales or customer service representative to set up secure access for you or your company.

How To Use An FTP Client

  1. Launch your FTP Client* and connect to the host name/address
  2. Login with the user name and password you received from us. 
  3. Select or double click the upload directory to open it. 
  4. Locate the file(s) (Please compress multiple files in ZIP or STUFFIT format) you wish to upload to us and "Put" or upload/transfer them to the "Upload" directory. 
  5. Wait.. and you're finished once the file(s) complete the upload. 

* Many FTP Clients are available for download online, either free or for a small fee. For links to some of these, see below.

FTP Client Download Links