Variable Data Printing

Get Personal with Variable Data

The proper use of personalized variable data digital printing (also known as variable data printing – VDP) will greatly increase the acceptance of your message to your intended audience. It will also increase your chances of getting the response rate you want. We will show you how to put data-driven communications into your marketing mix.

​Tailoring your message and graphics to a specific person or market will get their attention faster! When you choose to print digitally it not only gives you more flexibility, but it also helps turn those “quick turn” projects quicker. Let us put our extensive VDP experience and technology to work for you.

​Sometimes we deserve what we get. Make sure the response rate you deserve is is also the one you want! Let Crown Connect use Variable Data to rock your next marketing campaign.

Drive Up Response Rates with PURLs

A Personalized URL (PURL) is a web address that points to a microsite specifically tailored to an individual visitor. The microsite is customized through the use of variable fields linked to a database containing unique information for each potential visitor. Cross media campaigns using PURLs are extremely effective and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Download the PDF for more information and let Crown Connect show you how PURLs work – and why PURLs rock!