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Over the past five decades, Crown Connect has become one of Southern California’s premier commercial print and marketing solution providers. We understand, however, that it takes more than great quality and promises to keep our customers coming back. It takes focused customer service, commitment to creativity, innovative problem solving and clear communication to earn our customers' trust and respect. Our team of trained professionals is the perfect mix of highly skilled technicians and results-oriented customer advocates to accomplish these goals.


We are committed to providing our customers with state-of-the-art, single source marketing services. We support this commitment by offering the latest in digital output devices that help to assure that your messages are heard by the right people at the right time. 

Our large-format printing capabilities are second to none, allowing us to accurately print and cut or route a remarkable variety of materials -- up to 5 feet in width and nearly unlimited length. We can manage all your event signage and point-of-purchase marketing displays. We are also able to assemble unique marketing kits, using a variety of printed and finished materials that are certain to gain your customers' attention. 


Let us manage all of your mail lists and data needs for your next direct marketing campaign. With all of our services under one roof, we are able to quickly and efficiently mine and process the appropriate database needed to accurately reach your targeted market, at the appropriate time.

We will deliver your message, print, finish, insert and address your mail pieces and then deliver them to the USPS Processing and Distribution Center, located only minutes from our plant. Our shortened processing time assures that your targeted messages are always received on time.

Personalized variable data, digital printing allows you the ability to direct your marketing piece to a specific target, with a message and/or image that is unique to them. We can also print and store your mailing and marketing materials to be assembled and processed for later scheduled, "just in time" distribution.


Have an idea for a message or image that you want to have printed, but need help creating an effective design? No problem! Our creative design folks are anxious to bring your project to life with innovation and appeal. Whether it's a postcard, stationery, signage or a complete marketing package, our creative team can provide you with a solution that will help you stand out among the clutter. After all, our goal is to create the attention you need from your target audience, to trigger the highest possible response and best return on your investment. 


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