“Our sales and delivery team are extremely happy with the solution…”

Although I have already stated how great the window stickers were that you produced for us, I also wanted to restate how pleased we are with the solution.
The owner of our brewery saw the sample of the sticker on the window in my office and was very impressed by the solution you came up with. Our manager also loves the product stickers. Our sales and delivery team are extremely happy with the solution, and have taken snapshots at their accounts to show how great they look in use at their establishments. The response from the point of sale display images we are posting will surely lead to us producing more stickers for every brand we offer. In the past, the expense for what had previously been using kept us from being able to include more than 2 of our most popular beers. Not only is the project you printed for us beautifully done, but you have also shown that you can back your offer to be our “go-to” printer for solutions to our specific needs. I have been in the printing industry for over 12 years now, and I don’t think any of my connections could have made this happen the way you did. Thanks again!

Marketing Coordinator
(Major California Brewery)